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Every Blog has at least 1.5 Readers

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At the 2008 Special Libraries Association conference, someone quipped that every blog has at least 1.5 readers-—probably yourself and a devoted loved one. The lucky ones have at least half a dozen admirers.

About ten years ago, I started blogging. I just didn’t know it. After the killing of Matthew Shepard, writing became a major outlet for me. After writing about it and sending out my essay to all and sundry via email, I started a completely HTML-driven online diary called “Diary of a Keyboard Activist.” I later started writing for LGNY, which evolved into Gay City News. I also wrote book reviews for the Lambda Book Report.

Later, blogging came into its own. I dutifully bought the iBlog software and kept travel diaries and kept a record of my submissions to All Soap Scoops, and also archived my profession writing for Jobson Publishing, as well as review and new articles for Gay City News.

When I bought my MacBook, it came with iWeb, which was painfully slow, but it had blogging features, but a hard drive failure ended that blogging for a while.

I recently started using Wordpress. You can check my latest ramblings by clicking here.

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