Family History   


Exploring my Genealogy... and Everyone Else’s

I have been interested in my family history for as long as I can remember. Grandma would start every story with “we lived at...” and inevitably, that helped me find those census records you can only access by addresses. Click here for photo info.

In the mid-1990s, I would “take a break” from my Masters work by looking up our family’s New York State census records. At some point, a critical mass of documents, anecdotal information, and photos built up around the same time everyone seemed to be able to make their own websites.

Working for a genealogy library fresh immediately following my graduation from Queens College meant even more new discoveries. I also learned that I liked doing genealogical research as much for others as I did for my own families.

Here are links to some of my earlier family history Websites. I am in the process of moving everything over into a unified Website.

My Family Website on Tripod

  1. Remembering Drobnin

  2. Gendocs: Collected Family Documents

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